NVC Practice Group Support & Refresher training

Does your practice group need clarity? support? Has it lost its way? Get in touch

Parenting/ work with Children

Want to work in partnership with children to solve issues? Want to get beyond punishments and rewards and still maintain clear boundaries? Get in touch

Working with young people

“The workshop was really relevant for my work and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Roz created a space for us to breathe and reflect while learning. The structure of the training was very clear and useful. I would highly recommend doing an NVC course with Roz” – Camas Team Member after 1 day training May 2019

“Roz was a great facilitator and teacher. She was clear about what we were learning in each section of the day. She used our material/ stories which helped us engage with the sometimes difficult techniques. She combined good humour and calm. Thank you.”       Susie, Workshop day participant January 2018