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Does your team struggle to communicate effectively? Are you losing staff or finding their  mental health is suffering in the workplace? Are you longing to find new ways of working that energise your team and create collaboration? Do you dread difficult conversations? Do you want feedback to be received as a gift your team can learn from? Would you like to turn complaints into useful information and keep the complainer on board?

I offer 3 1/2 hour workplace training units tailored to your organisation. Following a half day general introduction to Needs-based thinking these workshops are available:

  • Creating a culture of useful feedback/ feedback which enables workers and organisations to grow 
  • Turning rude/ angry/ difficult conversations encounters into useful conversations 
  • Transforming conflict (1 and 2)
  • Creating teams which energise everyone
  • Making meetings productive, creative and inclusive
  • Communicating with customers and clients 
  • Preparing for difficult conversations 
  • Self-care and boundaries in working with challenging clients
  • Empowered female leadership –  leading with integrity as a woman