Working with Communities – Listen Up

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Struggling with Co-production or Asset Based Community Development? Finding the public hard to engage?

Do you want to know what really matters to a community? To co-produce services with the community you serve in effective ways? Do you want your work to be informed by community members, especially those beyond the usual suspects? Would you like complaints to be turned into useful information and complainers to become allies in finding solutions?

After 2 decades of working in community development in the 3rd Sector and 3 years working across 3rd and Statutory Sector I have worked with other trainers to develop Listen Up

Listen Up is a series of three 1/2 day workshops for frontline staff and community representatives which will enable them to:

  • find out what is at the heart of community issues so more effective services can be designed
  • build better relationships with community members, creating a more positive workplace
  • help citizens to use their experience to inform change in their community.


Case Study: We had an issue which has resulted in people in community changing their attitudes towards people recovering from addiction. At our weekly community drop-in some people in the community had stopped coming due to people with addictions attending.   Roz came up with a workshop and invited both the people who had stopped coming to the drop-in and those experiencing addiction to come along for a ‘Big Chat’.   The people who had left were saying that they didn’t want to come to our drop-in as they didn’t want to be around people who were on drugs.   The people recovering from addictions spoke about what their recovery and about their daily struggle. You could have heard a pin drop when they spoke.  It was clear both parties listened and empathised with each other.  As a result the people in the community who weren’t coming back came back and still attend to this day.  They also wanted to know more about what people recovering from addiction experience so we had another ‘Big Chat’ around this issue.  – Tricia McConalogue, Director, Bridging the Gap