Open Trainings & Events

IMG_20190512_123946530 (2)Coming Up

One Day Deepening Level Workshop for people who have done a foundation level training:

Empathy in Troubled Times: Listening to ourselves and others when the going gets tough

The day will include workshops on:

  • Self – Empathy, the bedrock of all communication
  • Suffering from the stories we carry (based on the work of Robert Gonzales)
  • Empathising with Trump
  • Getting curious not furious with people we are close to

Saturday 21st September 2019 at The Wee Retreat, Glasgow G42 8UQ

9.30am arrival for 10am start – 4.30pm finish.

Cost: A request of £85 for individuals – we are open to negotiating if the requested amount would prohibit you from coming – more details on booking

Booking is essential. To book go to

Trainers: Roz Adams CNVC, Sandrine Miesch & Sibongile Pradhan

More Deepening Level Workshop days coming up in 2020, details to follow:

  • Sunday 26th Jan (Glasgow) – Interrupting, Saying No and Setting Limits
  • Sat 9th Apr (Edinburgh) – Feedback including gratitude
  • Sunday 30th August (Glasgow) – Anger and de-escalating situations
  • Saturday 28th November (Edinburgh) – Speaking Up in Challenging Times – Making sense of how we got into this mess.

What people said about the May 2019 Foundation Training:

“Highly skilful, inclusive and encouraging” “Extremely informative and helpful. Delivered with obvious care and authenticity” “competent and thoughtful facilitator” “good balance between theory and practice” “definitely recommend it, fantastic life skills, should be taught in schools”

Testimonials from previous trainings:

“Roz is a brilliant facilitator and used context-relevant examples in her training which was incredibly useful in demonstrating how NVC could be used in the work I do. The training was very well structured and planned and meant that I got a lot out of the day. Would highly recommend!” –  Camas Team Member May 2019

“Roz was a great facilitator and teacher. She was clear about what we were learning in each section of the day. She used our material/ stories which helped us engage with the sometimes difficult techniques. She combined good humour and calm. Thank you.”                                                                                                              Workshop participant , 2018

“I took Roz’s afternoon session on expressing one’s needs, and her simple 3-step approach especially the point about four sets of ears really hit the spot. So succinct, realistic, and altogether a Big “Ah-Ha” that made total sense for the particular learning-situation in my own life I was struggling with. Excellent! ”   Course Participant 2017

Whole Person Leadership Day

In 2019 a group of Co-Facilitators will offer a second Whole Person Leadership Day, after the success of last year’s pilot.

“There’s something there that I feel everybody could benefit from – time and space to self- reflect, self- evaluate. Also just some really important personal and professional lessons that I feel could enhance the lives of others – highly recommend!” 

“Very innovative, alternative and thought-provoking. Jogged me out of ‘business as usual”

“I loved that the form of the day and the way it was delivered fitted its content. It was really lovely to be led by “whole people” in all their complex humanity rather than traditional authoritative trainers. This was unique in my experience of workshops and lectures”