Work as solo NVC facilitator:

“The day was inspirational for us all. We have shared the learning with our psychologist and have agreed to use needs and feelings to help us understand more about behaviours as we discuss our clients issues at our psychology sessions. We are also incorporating this into supervision and some of the nurses find it a helpful way to focus when working directly with their clients, to help them to see situations more clearly from their own perspective or from another’s” Joan Gracie, Supervisor NHS Family Nurse Partnership November 2019

“Interactive with opportunity for varied exercises and activities. Helped NVC be less formulaic and false and able to be used in real life. I picked up some useful tools and approaches and the handouts/resources were really useful. Roz is an excellent facilitator with a thoughtful, gentle and well-informed approach. I really enjoyed the workshop. The best NVC I’ve had!” Camas Team Member May 2019

“Roz is a brilliant facilitator and used context-relevant examples in her training which was incredibly useful in demonstrating how NVC could be used in the work I do. The training was very well structured and planned and meant that I got a lot out of the day. Would highly recommend!” Camas Team Member May 2019

“The workshop was really relevant for my work and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Roz created a space for us to breathe and reflect while learning. The structure of the training was very clear and useful. I would highly recommend doing an NVC course with Roz” – Brig 2019

“Sound, thoughtful and above all, applicable to real life, real world, ground level interactions. Roz puts a spanner in the works of NVC robots and encouraged participants to be more themselves. I’m left with solid tools and viable seeds to tend in the garden of my personal and professional practice. Nice one” – R Knight 2019

“Roz is a gifted and thoughtful trainer.  Roz is organised and straightforward in her approach which I found so useful, she managed to make a complex topic easy to understand and so I could envisage how to integrate it into my work.”  Dr. Maureen Sier, Director Interfaith Scotland, October 2018

“I found Roz’s training hugely helpful and clear in the way that it explained some of the key themes and concepts of NVC. She gave me new things to think about as well as a deeper understanding of aspects that I have already been introduced to. This training has certainly given me more motivation to develop my skills in this area further in terms of piquing my interest but she is also a joy to work with.” Participant, NVC In Transforming Hate Speech training, October 2018

‘I would highly recommend Roz’s NVC training – I very much enjoyed her personalised approach and found the training content insightful both from a personal and professional perspective, superb!’ Mohamed Omar, workshop participant, October 2018

“Thank you so much for the training yesterday. It was really interesting and helpful for me. I liked how you let us all chip in with our stories and examples, but held the focus and moved on when necessary. I feel much more aware of needs – mine and others’ – after your workshop, as well as more connected to the other people who were there. If anyone was wondering whether to have a go at one of your workshops, I would say go for it.”     Marian, Intro training day participant January 2018

“Roz was a great facilitator and teacher. She was clear about what we were learning in each section of the day. She used our material/ stories which helped us engage with the sometimes difficult techniques. She combined good humour and calm. Thank you.”       Susie, Workshop day participant January 2018

“Roz’s manner and approach was relaxed, supportive, and non-judgmental, and she managed to convey the feeling of genuine interest and encouragement to me and also convey her enthusiasm and interest in NVC.”      Course Participant 2016

“Great openness and encouraging presence balanced with quiet authority and professionalism. Just right!”    Course Participant 2017

“I took Roz’s afternoon session on expressing one’s needs, and her simple 3-step approach especially the point about four sets of ears really hit the spot. So succinct, realistic, and altogether a Big “Ah-Ha” that made total sense for the particular learning-situation in my own life I was struggling with. Excellent! ”   Course Participant 2017

Co-facilitated work: 

What people said about the May 2019 Foundation Training:

“Highly skilful, inclusive and encouraging” ,”Extremely informative and helpful. Delivered with obvious care and authenticity” ,”competent and thoughtful facilitator” ,”good balance between theory and practice” ,”definitely recommend it, fantastic life skills, should be taught in schools”

Feedback from ‘Whole Person Leadership Day’ – hosted and facilitated over all by Roz Adams with contributions from 5 other workshop leaders. January 2018:

“There’s something there that I feel everybody could benefit from – time and space to self- reflect, self- evaluate. Also just some really important personal and professional lessons that I feel could enhance the lives of others – highly recommend!” 

“Space and time to reflect. Useful introduction to some useful techniques and systems”

“Very innovative, alternative and thought-provoking. Jogged me out of ‘business as usual”

“Different approach to safe leadership, good participation and thought-provoking input”

“Pretty unique and probing perspective on whole person approach. Huge opportunity for personal development and insights”

“I loved that the form of the day and the way it was delivered fitted its content. It was really lovely to be led by “whole people” in all their complex humanity rather than traditional authoritative trainers. This was unique in my experience of workshops and lectures”

Mediation and Couples Work:

Working with Roz has been extremely helpful for us. Roz is kind, friendly, empathic and humorous. She helped us to get in touch with feelings without judgement. She was great at creating a safe space to talk and provided emotional support. She was great at ‘respecting the pause’ and providing equity in communication, helping us to feel heard. 

We found her excellent at exploring feelings and putting them into constructive feedback. We really liked the time to ‘arrive in the session’ and reflection at the end. Sessions were so engaging that time seemed to fly and we would highly recommend Roz anyone aiming to make their communication more constructive”    J & M October 2020

October 2020

“Roz’s gentle and compassionate presence provided me and a friend with a safe and respectful space, in which we could start to heal a disconnection in our friendship and return together to a place of greater ease, harmony and connection. I struggle to express in words how much I valued the work we did together and how enriching, insightful and life-giving it has been. It shifted my whole take on what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t and steered me away from the usual judgemental acceptable/unacceptable and right/wrong view of it. It’s also given me a fuller understanding and appreciation of the power and beauty of compassionate communication. I am left with a deeper appreciation of the complexities of our common humanity and with a more alive sense of compassion/self-compassion. So I now see what started off as something painful and upsetting as a gift. Throughout the process I felt beautifully held and met right where I was in each moment. I valued Roz’s skill and competence in navigating us through what at times felt like a very delicate process.”   M Stumpe, Nov 2019

“I have enjoyed working with Roz. I found the three sessions so far have been supportive to my own process, as well as supportive in holding a space where it was easier to connect – to hear and feel heard. I felt relaxed at Roz’s place, and it always seemed like Roz had prepared with care and was also willing to meet us where we were that day – a nice balance. Thanks ”         Couples Mediation Participant, (prefers to remain anonymous), October 2017

One to One Work:

“I trust Roz in one-to-one work implicitly. I find she supports me skillfully with open-hearted presence and attentive awareness. She helps me focus and come to clarity through respectful reflection, open questions and full acceptance. She has the ability to create a calm, safe space, and to hold intense emotions and painful thoughts. She has the capacity to stay present in situations of crisis or trauma. She communicates with authenticity and integrity, and offers insight when appropriate. She brings to sessions her wisdom and experience, and can communicate the bigger picture of us as individuals in a patriarchal society so that I remember I’m not alone.” – SP October 2020

“Roz has an extraordinary skill in using NVC. At a time when I felt vulnerable, Roz helped me to face my situation without fear. She helped me to get in touch with my pain in a way which made me feel safe and held and supported” SM June 2019

“I can’t recommend Roz’s support highly enough. From the very beginning, at the outset of our first session, I felt listened to and understood which helped get to the core of a few key aspects in my life I have been struggling with. With Roz’s heartfelt and authentic guidance, we were able to identify the underlying needs that were triggering my unhelpful behaviour patterns and work together to devise more proactive strategies, while also delving a bit deeper with some core belief work. Since those sessions, things have changed for the better and I am handling situations in a much healthier way. Roz’s insight coupled with her warmth has been so valuable and, moving forward, I feel comforted to know I can turn to her as and when faced with difficulties that require additional support and a helping hand.” Kat 2018

“I’ve been Roz’s empathy buddy since 2014. I experience Roz to be emotionally astute with an acute awareness and discernment of the complexity of people’s needs. She gets it. I love her integrity and how she lends her energy and mind as well as actions to include humanity, equality, fairness and diversity and care. I believe Roz is an incredible gift in my life, to humanity and an outstanding collaborator who seeks to break through the patriarchal system”  Satya Dunning, 20 October 2020.