Individuals & Couples


I do individual and couples work using the tools and lens of Nonviolent Communication. This can be by skype or in person.

  • Preparing for or debriefing difficult conversations
  • Transforming Core Beliefs
  • Empathic Listening
  • Creating greater understanding in relationships

“I have enjoyed working with Roz. I found the three sessions so far have been supportive to my own process, as well as supportive in holding a space where it was easier to connect – to hear and feel heard. I felt relaxed at Roz’s place, and it always seemed like Roz had prepared with care and was also willing to meet us where we were that day – a nice balance. Thanks ”         Couples Mediation Participant, (prefers to remain anonymous), October 2017

“I can’t recommend Roz’s support highly enough. From the very beginning, at the outset of our first session, I felt listened to and understood which helped get to the core of a few key aspects in my life I have been struggling with. With Roz’s heartfelt and authentic guidance, we were able to identify the underlying needs that were triggering my unhelpful behaviour patterns and work together to devise more proactive strategies, while also delving a bit deeper with some core belief work. Since those sessions, things have changed for the better and I am handling situations in a much healthier way. Roz’s insight coupled with her warmth has been so valuable and, moving forward, I feel comforted to know I can turn to her as and when faced with difficulties that require additional support and a helping hand.” Kat, November 2018